Crone Stones Review - SageWoman Magazine

Divination using three-dimensional objects (as opposed to paper cards) has a history that goes back to our most distance foremothers. There is something about using stones, sticks, shells, and such that stimulates a primal response in our psyches, which can add significantly to the divination experience. Many such tools exist, and here's a new one to add to your collection. Crone Stones, by Carol Campbell, is a set of thirty-three flat oval stones hand-cast in white unglazed porcelain clay. Each has a simple line drawing imprinted on its surface (the backs are blank). Based on the concept of the Triple Goddess, the stones fall into three suits: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Within each of these suits are eleven sets of three stones each, representing archetypes to inspire and guide the reader. 

For example, in the set called Dualities, the three stones represent the exchange of energy with other brings, whether in a romantic relationship, a business connection, a spiritual or artistic connection, and so on. The Maiden stone is "Love," the Mother stone is "Empathy," and the Crone stone is "Teaching." The stones' interpretations don't set this up as a hierarchy - love is less powerful than empathy, which is less powerful than teaching, etc. - but rather to show you various ways we all experience relationship. 

In another set, Journeys, insight is offered into the way in which the reader is connection to the world at present. The stones in this set are "the Wheel," the steady passing of time and search for one's destiny; "the Nest," a focus on sacred space at home; and "the Otherworld," representing spirit journeys and dreams. 

The images on the stones are easy to understand and recognize, and after a while it should be easy to set aside the accompanying booklet and work with the stones alone, letting your intuition guide you deeper. 

The 74- page book contains a page or two for each stone, suggestions for using the stones and several spreads and readings. Each stone's interpretation includes a connection to a specific Goddess (sometimes more than one), and it's nice to see that there is a wide cultural representation here. The stones come in a sturdy velvet drawstring bag, large enough to comfortably put your hand inside and stir the stones. While writing this review, I chose a stone with the question, "What else should I tell SageWoman readers about this lovely oracle?" The stone I drew is She Who Inspires: "You must trust that what inspires you is the torch to light your way." Crone Stones are a useful tool to add to that inspiration and light the path before you.

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